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Shadowed Lineless
Zach by wh1t3-t19Lightning
Aeris by wh1t3-t19Lightning
Le Phantom by wh1t3-t19Lightning
Bazirdith by wh1t3-t19Lightning
Yes the whole real deal the cool awesome stuff that takes super long to detail -_-

I can do any character really, but I SUCK AT HUMANS AND HORSES just a warning.
Specialties include canines, fantasy creatures, dragons and other reptiles.

+50 :points: for a BG.  
Shadowed Sketch
NEXUS by wh1t3-t19Lightning
Nimphradora Competition by wh1t3-t19Lightning
Dat Lime by wh1t3-t19Lightning
Definite Hazard by wh1t3-t19Lightning
Guess Who by wh1t3-t19Lightning
Teh Jemms Collecshun by wh1t3-t19Lightning
I don't like proper lineart, so I'm not the person to come to for that.  Lines will be hairy, though I try to erase the really distracting ones.  

Fully colored, shaded, textured and whatever.  

I can do any character really, but I SUCK AT HUMANS AND HORSES just a warning.
Specialties include canines, fantasy creatures, dragons and other reptiles.

+30 :points: for a Background
Flat color sketch
Megatron Reference 2014 ROTDC by wh1t3-t19Lightning
TF dragons sketch dump Dec 2013 by wh1t3-t19Lightning
Solo's Nuzlocke Doodles by wh1t3-t19Lightning
Pokemahhn dummppp by wh1t3-t19Lightning
Hairy lineart, but full color.

+10 :points: for Hard Cell shading (see here: Delirium by wh1t3-t19Lightning )


I can do any character really, but I SUCK AT HUMANS AND HORSES just a warning.
Specialties include canines, fantasy creatures, dragons and other reptiles.

Do you sketch/doodle? (meaning drawing incomplete work; sketching as a stage in finishing something doesn't count; also if the work was INTENDED to be finished it doesn't count either) 

8 deviants said All the time! It's all I ever do ha ha!
3 deviants said When I want to practice.
No deviants said Not really, I like clear lineart and/or finished work
No deviants said This doesn't apply to me (ie, not a graphic artist; either an author or something else)





Whitetip, White, Lightning...
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Preferred Nicknames:

I am female just in case you haven't ever met a girl with short hair before.
Comm Whitetip by zephhyr
made by zephhyr

Hi, I'm Mad and I'm an annoying little high school nerd. I originally was called Whitetip when I got my account, so I respond to that as well as any of the other names listed above. The name came from a velociraptor in a movie I was obsessed with as a little kid that changed my life and who I would eventually become. Who knew dinosaurs were so important? Heh heh.

I'm a tad bit crazy and prone to "Spock moments" of cold hard logic, but I'm honestly a pretty sympathetic person and highly sensitive to the emotions of others.

I tend to swear a lot, especially when I'm tired or angry or bored (which is all the time), so my apologies in advance.


Please don't fav my work unless:
-It's good relative to my skill level not yours or anyone else's
-It speaks to you spiritually/emotionally/gives you a case of 'the feels' that really cries out to you
-I made it for you
-It is otherwise meaningful to you.

I'm not here to become popular, I'm here to learn and improve. You telling me that you like the ten-minute sketch or shitty background THAT I SAY IS SHITTY only tells me you aren't reading the description or respecting my efforts to better myself. IF I CALL IT SHIT, THEN IT IS SHIT, AND YOU SHOULD NOT FAVE IT. PLEASE DON'T.

Thank you for being respectful of me, and do not take offense. I'm asking for you to not tell me that nothing I do is better than anything else I do, because that's a big fat lie and the work I spent four hours SLAVING OVER is FAR superior to some piece of crap lying around in scraps that took 20 minutes.

Also favs really clog my inbox.

You like favs? You can have 'em just don't give 'em, and don't give me hell for not wanting them. It's my opinion and personal value, and arguing is a bloody waste of effort. I don't give a flying f*** anyway.

Forgive me for being so standoffish but people just do not seem to hear me when I say this or they take it as an insult and yell at me. I appreciate that you like my work, but I want you to understand that I'm really here only to improve, not for fans, though I appreciate those C:


I'm no serious gamer, but I'm fully capable of playing the following games and playing them well:

-Pokemon (any of the traditional trainer ones and Mystery dungeon: those weird sidegames like Pokemon ranch don't count)
-Legend of Zelda (wii only) (Twilight Princess I'm almost done with and already finished Skyward sword)
-Animal Crossing (Wild World and New Leaf)

These TV shows/series/franchises/whatever you'd call them I really really like (I do not consider myself "a part of the fandom". I work independently and am bored by passing memes. I also do not develop crushes on characters, nor do I "ship" pairings.)
-The Blacklist
-Pokemon (no duh, it's listed above)
-Star Wars (but not Star Trek)
-Tron (not as much as others though)
-Transformers (movies [though I loathe Michael Bay] and the recent TV show, Prime)


I don't plan to pursue a career in art but I'll be damned if I ever give it up. I feel cleansed and at peace when I draw; it drains all the black, angst-y emotions out of me and lets me fill the void with whatever feelings I please instead. I have the same thing with writing.

I'm mainly inspired by seeing other people be inspired, which is one of the reasons I frequent this site. I love having other minds around to bounce ideas off of.


My other Account~ :iconthesherbatguide: (Let me tell you a secret: I'm never on that account, and the three deviations that are there are REALLY OLD.)

My account: Shockwave's-Apprentice… Story links at bottom of page. (Let me tell you another secret: I don't post there that often either.)

My YouTube account~ TheStaticDragon (Virtually nothing there until I get proper screen capture software :/)


Mah Brudda (also known as "dat dude creepin' around da house at night") : :iconzephhyr:

Folks who know me Offline: :iconsuribei: :iconsarsfe: :iconturnipasian:

Pears (which is cooler to say than 'peers'): :iconfairytalekitty: :iconnno3060:

People that I consider amazing: :iconzombiecat14: :iconred-rat-writer:

Inspirations: :iconjazzthetiger: :iconantubis0: :icongollyart: :iconnewt7111: :iconzznightmaregirlzz: :iconsekoiyastoryteller: :icontatchit: :iconthejiggymonster: :iconshinerai: :iconkeprion: :iconahkward:
So I'm on a new medication for some relatively non-serious things I would like to clear up.  So I went through the side effects of starting it and it was annoying, but now the medication isn't actually working.  Instead, it's actually producing what its supposed to remedy--it's kind of like if you take pain meds for your sore joints and then if they gave you really bad stomach pain...  So trade pain for pain.  I did some research and I'm pretty sure this means the dose I have is too low.

I'm not really in any pain, just moderately inconvenienced.  I called the doctor's office today and they said it was normal and it'll go away after my body adjusts to the meds, but if this doesn't go away by next month I'm asking for a stronger prescription.  I won't deal with a worse version of the very thing I'm trying to avoid.  

So if I'm a grump, that's why.  

  • Mood: Grouchy
  • Listening to: Carbon Based Lifeforms
  • Reading: Soon will start "Survival of the Sickest" for Bio
  • Watching: The cat
  • Playing: PMD Blue Rescue, Pokemon Y and breeding
  • Eating: ice cream~
  • Drinking: water


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Red-Rat-Writer Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Got an smart phone, and I downloaded a GBA emulator, so I can play pokemon ruby on it : 3 
wh1t3-t19Lightning Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Red-Rat-Writer Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
How is your Summer coming along?
wh1t3-t19Lightning Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ugh homework and pokemon breeding are time consuming :C. Haven't even made any progress on my other personal projects. Ughhhh so if that tells you ITS TOO BLOODY SHORT and I wish they didn't assign summer hw it should be a LAW.
Red-Rat-Writer Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, work is a lot less stressful than school (though the broken home didn't exactly help XP)

How much homework do you have to do?
wh1t3-t19Lightning Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Read 3 books be able to write an essay on two of them, two chapters ap environmental science two ch ap bio and a math packet
(1 Reply)
Red-Rat-Writer Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You remember the Paypal student account thing I was saying. 

I played around with Paypal today, and find out that when you send/receive money, the other person finds out about your real name.

So like, if you're uncomfortable about that, do not get a Paypal yet. Or use an email no one knows about (because I can send money to your email and get your name, and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it.)

Just a heads up 
wh1t3-t19Lightning Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If somebody's paying me they kinda should know my real name LOL I'm aware of that catch.  I'm almost an adult I can deal with it.  If anyone decides to come stalk me I'll set the cat on them HA and that's enough to repel ANYONE.
Red-Rat-Writer Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, but if like,
let's say you have as your Paypal address. I could send a dollar to that address and find out your name, so make sure it's an email address no one would know. 
Like, have a Paypal address. 
wh1t3-t19Lightning Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah I'll probs do that or whatever.  LOL if i sound tired it's late XD and I ran a 5k
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